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beautiful pool water for longer

Game-changing pool care is here

What if you could find a pool care solution that offered the convenience of an automatic chlorine feeder with the benefit of crystal clear pool water for up to three weeks? And what if that solution saved you time, money and water?

Introducing the NEW Poolife NST Cal Hypo Chlorine Feeder and Poolife NST Prime Cal Hypo Chlorine Tablets. This revolutionary combination keeps pool water so beautiful and clear for so long, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your pool without them!

NEW Poolife NST Cal Hypo Chlorine Feeder

Designed exclusively for the octagon-shaped Poolife NST Prime Cal Hypo Chlorine Tablets, this new chlorine feeder offers precision flow control and up to 3 weeks of sanitizer for worry-free pool care without chlorine lock.

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Poolife NST Cal Hypo Chlorine Tablets

With a unique chemistry that sanitizes and delivers crystal clear water without adding cyanuric acid (CYA) to your pool water, these slow-dissolving, extended-release tablets give you a sanitizer that lasts for days and will never cause chlorine lock!

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Wait – what is chlorine lock?

Chlorine lock is the buildup of CYA in your water. It means the chlorine in your pool water has essentially stopped working and is less effective at sanitizing your pool water, leading to issues with water quality and clarity. Unfortunately, the costly solution to chlorine lock is having to partially drain your pool and rebalance your water. No one wants that!

Say goodbye to chlorine lock and hello to saving time, money and water!

Of the two types of available tablet chlorines, Trichlor and Cal Hypo, the main difference between them is stabilizer. Trichlor is a traditional, stabilized chlorine, meaning it contains cyanuric acid (CYA).

Unlike traditional chlorine, Cal Hypo is a unique chemistry that does not contain CYA. Therefore, it does NOT contribute to the buildup of CYA and will NEVER cause chlorine lock. (Yay!) It delivers clear and sparkling, blue pool water for longer and saves you time, money and water, so you can live your best Poolife.

• Save time: Easy-to-use Cal Hypo tablet technology allows your pool water to remain sparkling and clean all summer long. Adding the Cal Hypo Tablet to the new NST Chlorine Feeder will give you up to 3 weeks of sanitizer for beautiful looking water without chlorine lock!

• Save money: Cal Hypo minimizes the chance of algae growth and cloudy water before they start, eliminating the need for additional chemicals. It’s also easier on pool surfaces, saving you money in the long run.

• Save water: Only Cal Hypo prevents chlorine lock, keeping you from having to drain, refill and rebalance your pool water due to chlorine lock/overstabilization. It’s the most sustainable option to manage your pool.