Poolife NST Feeder: Cal Hypo Pool Chlorine Feeder

SKUs: 92054

Keep your pool water crystal clear for longer with our revolutionary pool chlorine feeder! It’s designed exclusively for Poolife NST Prime Chlorine Tablets. With unrivaled precision flow control and a steady supply of Cal Hypo sanitizer for up to 3 weeks, this automatic pool chlorine feeder brings you worry-free pool care without the hassle of chlorine lock.

– Our pool chlorine feeder is designed for both standard and variable speed pool pumps

– Specifically tailored for Cal Hypo Poolife NST Prime Chlorine Tablets

– Removable, easy-load cartridge fits 8 octagon-shaped tablets

– Precision flow control valve provides steady chlorination without risk of chlorine lock

– Treats up to 30,000-gallon pools for up to 3 weeks

– Saves up to 300 gallons of water per week*

– Poolife sanitizers and accessories are quick, convenient and easy-to-use so you can live your best pool life

*Using Cal Hypo tablets comapred to TCCA tablets (U&A 2022 data)

Available size(s): 1 Feeder