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About Us

Poolife<sup>®</sup>️ was born from a deep appreciation for everything pool owners value: fun and function. It’s uniquely designed to give your consumers effective, easy-to-use products that make owning a pool feel like a holiday, every day!



Treat Your Pool Right

Not only is Poolife the epitome of hassle-free pool care, it’s designed by the experts. After all, it’s the brand that introduced the industry’s first slow-dissolving Cal Hypo tablet and the easy, 3-step pool care systems, Poolife NST and Poolife MPT Extra. With every Poolife innovation, your consumers can spend less time maintaining their pool and more time loving it.

That’s why our motto will always be: Live Your Best Poolife


Contact The Professionals

For one-on-one professional advice, always contact your nearest Authorized Poolife<sup>®</sup>️ Dealer. Poolife Dealers are trained professionals with the knowledge and expertise to answer all your questions on pool care, recommend the Poolife <sup>®</sup>️Pool Care System that best suits you and your pool, and solve any pool care problems you may encounter.


Better still, those who’ve qualified to join our elite ranks as a ClearCare Dealer can really go the extra mile for you – delivering clarity one test at a time with our ClearCare Expert water analysis system and a host of additional exclusive resources and services.

To find an Authorized Poolife Dealer near you, use our store locator!

Contact Poolife today!