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pool care tips

Put the fun back in functional pool care!

We’re committed to helping you get as much kick back time with your friends and family as possible, and that means helping you maintain your pool at its peak condition.

Our easy-to-follow maintenance topics below will help you prevent problems before they start and solve them as they occur. Select a topic below to begin!


bringing your pool to its full potential

Owning a pool can make every day seem like a holiday. Your pool needs care and attention in order to get the best out of it. Clear, sparkling, pure water does not just happen. The Poolife® Pool Care Guide can help you achieve that brilliant water quality.

Download the Poolife® Pool Care Guide

Follow the routine outlined in our guide for hassle free pool care:

  • Run the filter pump at least 8-12 continuous hours a day. Many water problems can be prevented if you do not skimp on the filter operation.
  • Backwash the filter regularly according to manufacturer’s instructions or guidelines. Clean out the skimmer and pump strainer basket as needed. Chemically clean your filter at least twice a season with a Poolife® Filter Cleaner.
  • Be a good housekeeper. Perform the routine tasks faithfully, keeping all equipment and the area around the pool clean. Skim the surface daily, brushing the pool walls and bottom regularly. Vacuum as needed.
  • Water Testing: Follow the timetable in our Pool Care Guide for water testing, using either your Poolife® 6-Way Test Strips or your authorized Poolife® dealer water testing lab, as suggested.


dealing with flooding and storms

If your pool gets flooded and filled with rain water and debris during a storm, it is important to get the pool checked out by a local pool professional for any damage to the pool structure and/or equipment. If there was no structural damage to the pool and the equipment is operational, please follow these steps to get the pool restarted and balanced:

  1. Physically remove as much debris from the pool as possible with a leaf net.
  2. Lower the water level to the proper operational level (halfway up the skimmer).
  3. Start the pump and filter and run 24/7.
  4. Add a double dose of Poolife® TurboShock® shock treatment directly to the pool (2 lbs. per 10,000 gallons).
  5. Vacuum any debris or sediment from the pool.
  6. Clean and backwash the filter as needed to maintain good circulation.
  7. Once the pool is clear and clean, take a water sample to your local authorized Poolife® Dealer for a complete analysis. There is a good chance many of the balances will need to be adjusted due to the dilution of the pool water from the flood waters. These include the Poolife® Total Alkalinity, pH, Calcium Hardness and Stabilizer.
  8. Once the water is balanced, continue your normal pool operations and weekly 3 step Poolife® program.

For all of the pool care advice we offer here, please keep in mind that your professional Poolife® dealer is best qualified to help you address any pool care concerns.