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Pool Care Guides

Enjoy your pool to the fullest!

Unfortunately, clear, sparkling, pure pool water doesn’t just happen— your pool needs care and attention in order to get the best out of it. But no worries. We’re here to help make owning a pool feel like a holiday, every day! Check out our Poolife pool care guides below to achieve that brilliant water quality that makes your swimmers happy.


Poolife Pool Care Guides

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Download the Poolife Pool Care Guide

NOTE: This guide is designed to explain the necessary steps to maintain your pool. It is not a substitute for reading and following product labels. If, after reading this guide, you have any pool care questions, please consult your authorized Poolife Dealer.

Pool Care Guide

Keeping your pool sparkling and inviting should be easy. Welcome to the art of pool care with Poolife, your reliable partner on this journey! Whether it’s understanding water balance or preventing algae growth, our beginner’s guide to pool care has you covered.

Understanding Pool Water Balance

Your journey to a clean and well-maintained pool starts with making sense of water balance, a fundamental aspect of our pool care guide.

Water balance involves:

  • Monitoring your pool’s pH level
  • Keeping track of water temperature
  • Knowing your pool’s free available chlorine
  • Being aware of total alkalinity
  • Understanding calcium hardness
  • Checking total dissolved solids

The Poolife Advantage

At Poolife, we present a comprehensive beginner’s guide to pool care that simplifies the process for you. From establishing a routine that works best for your pool to providing valuable insights to prevent algae growth, our guide ensures a crystal-clear pool all year round.

But having the proper knowledge from our pool care guide is only half the battle. You also need the right tools to master this art. That’s why we’re here!

Handpicked For You – The Poolife Collection

Selected meticulously, the Poolife products are designed for effectiveness and simplicity. Our pool balancer range offers a carefully curated selection to meet your pool maintenance needs. No overwhelming choices, only the best products for you and your pool!

Start Your Journey Today

Embark on your pool maintenance journey with confidence. After arming yourself with vital insights from our beginner’s guide to pool care, use our “Where to Buy” feature, a convenient option to locate Poolife products in a store near you!


So why wait? Begin your journey towards a cleaner, healthier pool today with Poolife.