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Shocks & Oxidizers

Shock the problems out of pool care

Shocks and oxidizers are an essential problem solver as well as great preventative medicine for your pool water. They keep maintenance easy by killing bacteria, controlling algae and destroying organic contaminants for clear, clean and healthy water.


Poolife® NST® Purify

This one-two punch keeps water sparkling clear by oxidizing and eliminating organic contaminants without affecting water balance. It’s a powerful blend of oxygen-based oxidizer and a chlorinating agent, combined with a pH buffer and a dry clarifier. This unique formulation provides the benefit of oxygen-based oxidation, while boosting free chlorine concentrations.

• Step 2 of the NST® System

Active ingredient: Potassium Monopersulfate

Available size: 1lb


Poolife® TurboShock® Shock Treatment

The strongest Cal Hypo shock product in the industry! Dissolves quickly and completely to combat algae and bacteria and keep pool water sparkling clean and clear with less work.

• Step 2 of the MPT Extra™ System

• Shock treat at least once a week. For best results always ensure pH is correct before shock treating your pool. No need to pre-dissolve.

• Good for all pool surfaces.

Active ingredient: 78% Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo)

Available size(s): 1lb, 5lb, 17lb, 25lb, 55lb, 65lb


Poolife® Clean Shock® Shock Treatment

Convenient and easy to use! This multi-purpose sanitizer and shock helps control the growth of algae, kill bacteria and destroy organic materials. It protects against chlorine loss with no sediment, and enhances swimmer comfort for worry-free enjoyment all season.

• Shock treat your pool water at least once a week.

• No need to pre-dissolve.

Active ingredient: Dichlor

Available size: 1lb

Poolife® Back to Blue® Shock System

Return green pool water to sparkling blue again—within 24 hours! Whether it’s the start of the season, or if an algae bloom occurs during the season, this all-in-one system destroys bacteria and algae for easy vacuuming.

• All-in-one: chlorinates, shocks, kills algae and restores water clarity.

• Use only with filters that allow vacuuming to waste (bypass filter).

Available size: Kit

Poolife® Rapid Shock® Shock Treatment

Quickly brings chlorine levels into balance after heavy pool usage and after rain or windstorms. It works fast to rid the water of contaminants and keep it ready for a refreshing, clean swim.

• Shock treat at least once a week.

• For best results always ensure pH is correct before shock treating your pool.

Active ingredient: 68% Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo)

Available size(s): 1lb, 5lb

Poolife® Non-Chlorine Oxidizer

Clear cloudy water and get back to swimming in just 15 minutes! Over time, swimmers and environmental elements can contaminate your pool water with a variety of organic molecules. Treating your pool water with Non-Chlorine Oxidizer prevents these contaminants from accumulating and leading to problems like unwanted tastes and odors, eye irritation and cloudy water.

• This product contains no chlorine and is NOT a pool disinfectant. It does not replace the need for regular use of a swimming pool sanitizer.

Active ingredient: Potassium Monopersulfate

Available size(s): 1lb, 50lb